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Instant-messaging for language learning?

Pangea Chat allows students to “learn a language while texting their friends.” By combining AI-powered learning tools with students’ desire for connection, Pangea Chat makes language learning as fun, social, and interactive as students’ lives outside the classroom.

Learn a language while texting your friends!

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The benefits

Why Pangea Chat?

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Conversation from day one

Even beginner learners can start sending messages in their target language from day 1 of their language learning journey with help from our AI-powered tools.

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Practice in authentic context

Students have real conversations with real people on topics that THEY choose. No scripts or predetermined curricula involved.
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Track personal progress

The AI-driven language learning system tracks language and engagement progress over time for both students and teachers.
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Curriculum agnostic

There is no set topic, agenda, or curriculum. Students can talk about anything from climate change to K-Pop to cryptocurrency and Taylor Swift whenever they want.

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I learn best by doing

Though we know conversation is the best way to learn, beginners often have a hard time getting started.

Pangea Chat removes that initial barrier by providing tools especially designed to help beginner learners. Our in-app tools not only help you write messages, but they also help you understand messages you receive.

As we become more comfortable, we gradually start to write directly in our target language. Directly writing in the target language is recognized and rewarded on Pangea Chat!

I remember what’s important to me

Language learning and practice is too often decontextualized and irrelevant to our unique lives, experiences, and interests.

With Pangea Chat, students create their own learning journey through the conversations they have. This way, the content is 100% personally relevant. Learning through conversations with friends strengthens our language learning with personal and social connections.

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A measure of my success should be as unique as I am

Feedback on our personal goals both improves intrinsic motivation and guides our efforts.

Every time students send a message on Pangea Chat, data is generated that feeds into their personalized My Analytics page where they can track their learning and engagement progress over time.

As a teacher, you will be able to track your students’ learning progress through Class Analytics that provides data at the individual student level, the chat level, and the whole class level, too!

World Language Department Chair, Spanish and Psychology Teacher, Serra Catholic High School

“Since starting Pangea Chat, I have seen the students, especially the novice ones, become more comfortable with their language skills. They have begun asking questions like “Did I spell this correctly? The bot said that I did not!” and “Wait! Why is it telling me to add this word here? Pangea Chat has helped these students to get fast feedback, and then I can double check and talk to them about the corrections that they made.”

Jan Fox

Instructional Technologist, Denison University

“Students are used to expressing themselves easily in their native language, but become frustrated when they can’t say what they want in another language. Pangea Chat helps them express themselves in an engaging way that goes beyond traditional activities focused on memorizing lots of vocabulary and tricky grammar structures.”

Cheryl Johnson

Spanish Professor, Edward Waters University

“I’m focusing more on technology because I see students always use their phones in class to translate or find other help.”

Clara Di Gennaro

Denison University

“I thought it was nice just being able to have a conversation with a classmate. It makes it feel more authentic.”


Denison University
“I liked that my partner and I were able to have a conversation over it pretty easily! It was nice that Pangea Chat had emojis to make it more like natural texting.”


Graduate student, West Virginia University
“When it comes to communicative tasks, there are many apps you can use to help you with your grammar and listening but no one prepares you for real life.”

Franny Perez

Denison University
“I liked how Pangea Chat allowed me to communicate with classmates in a program resembling iMessage. It helped keep the conversation informal and brought some fun to the interactions.”


Elementary Spanish I student, Edward Waters University
“Pangea Chat made language learning better for me by fixing and giving me options to choose from to improve my sentence. It also tells you if the words you chose were the most common or uncommon used, giving you another chance to pick another word.”

Damaya Montel

Denison University
“Pangea was very easy to use and navigate. The chat format made it easy to talk, to have a conversation with my classmates.”


Elementary Spanish I student, Edward Waters University
“What I like about Pangea Chat is that it helps me translate what I type in English to Spanish. Pangea Chat has made me fully understand how to write and speak appropriately in Spanish and my own language since it also corrects my English.”

Netrell Malcolm

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